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Reasons to have a vehicle, residence, or business tinted:

  • Decreases heat: The trusted solar films we use are extremely effective at controlling the heat caused by the sun, reducing heat up to 90%.
  • Reduce fading: Solar radiation from the heat, sunlight, and UV rays are known to cause damage to car and home interiors. Window film acts like sunscreen by blocking 99% of harmful UV rays.
  • Increase safety: Most of today’s cars are fitted with tempered glass but in the unfortunate event that an accident occurs the glass can shatter into sharp pieces and become a hazard to you and your passengers. Once window film is applied, the broken glass will be held in place, thus saving the occupants from harm cause by shattered and broken glass.
  • Increase security: To a thief, a window is a quick way to enter a residence, auto, or business. Costly possessions can be gone in minutes, so it's important to deter potential thieves. Regular window film will hold glass in place, slowing an attempted burglary. However, top of the line security films offer a thicker layer of protection.
  • Cut glare: Direct sunlight, headlights from another vehicle, or the reflection of the sun's rays on wet pavement can cause glare. Window film is an ideal solution to combat this annoying and even dangerous problem.
  • Visual enhancement: Tinting your vehicle is an ideal way to enhance the appearance of your vehicle, creating a look that is uniform yet elegant with the added bonus of privacy.
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